Lunch Punch!


Today I have one word for you. HALLELUJAH!!! Let me tell you why…..

My oldest babe started preschool this year. Besides the tears at the kitchen sink, in the car, at my desk, basically anywhere I started thinking about my biggest love leaving our little coop, I also had the stark realisation that I was now officially school mum. This invoked glorious images of walking hand in hand in the school gates, helping at cross country, baking lunch treats, and then BANG! School lunches! Yasssssss!!!!! I was made for this. And so my adventures began.

Researching to the depths of the internet the best lunchbox to get, the size to pick, lunch bags that would keep my sweet’s lunch nice and cold and safe all day, little accessories I could pop in to make her lunch fun! Wooo! I started out by cutting my babes sandwiches into bunnies, love hearts, or Christmas trees from small cookie cutters depending on her desire for the day. THEN one day I came across this magical little product called the LUNCH PUNCH! Absolutely adorable. Think a giant slice of bread sized cookie cutter. Made perfectly to minimise any waste, cut the cutest little pictures and indent the top of the bread to add to the drama! OH EMM GEE! My darling loves her unicorn hearts. She also loves the construction trucks AND the space ship as does her baby bro.

The options are vast, the exciting, and non-repetitive lunch openings are endless. Who will realise they are having a plain old cheese sandwich for the fourth day in a row because mummy finished work at 7:30pm yet again and didn’t get to the shops, when you open your lunch box to a unicorn, then a dump truck, then a rocket, then a superhero!

You’re welcome my friends. A great investment to make for your lunchbox journeys!!

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Unicorn Lunch Punch

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