MontiiCo Lunch Bags!

Hello darlings!

Let me tell you about the brand new, ultra cool, MontiiCo insulated lunch bags. These bad boys had me at HELLO. Not only are the designs absolutely gorgeous and on-trend, they are a nice large size that fits my daughters Munchbox Midi, Munchbox Munchi AND a piece of fruit for fruit break.

So that’s nice you say, its cute and fits lunchboxes, duh. What would you say if I told you that this magic little bean ALSO keeps your sweeties lunch cold from the moment you pop in the ice bag at 7am and is STILL cold (with a touch of ice) at 7:30pm after work when you are unpacking, washing and prepping for the next school day. YUP. Told you this baby was magical.

MontiiCo insulated lunch bags are designed in Australia by the gorgeous team behind the label and are ethically manufactured in China. They feature a large zipped opening with an elasticated spot to pop a love note to your doll, or a small pack of flava beans for a quick after school snack. They are fully lined and insulated, with a top zip at the back where you slide in the included icepack.

The ice pack is kept in its own little bag which you place flat into your freezer and pop into the lunch bag fully frozen. Even in the depths of Canberra’s hot dry summer I have found the ice pack is still partially frozen in the evening after a full day in my loves school bag.

I could hands down not recommend this product more highly to parents looking for cute, but most importantly, FUNCTIONAL and DURABLE, lunch bags for their kids.

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The fine print for these magical beans is as follows: MontiiCo insulated lunch bags are constructed with durable, long-lasting materials to ensure a consistent high level of quality. MontiiCo guarantee their products against manufacturing defects such as issues with any parts or material defects for one year after purchase with proof of purchase. Montii Co guarantee thier lunch box and cooler bag liners against manufacturing defects for 6 months with proof of purchase. MontiiCo do not guarantee products for issues related to wear and tear including rips, spills, mold and stains. Please keep in mind that although MontiiCo products are designed for children, they are not indestructible.

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