Apple and Mint Insulated Lunch Bags

Apple and Mint lunch bags are absolutely beautiful and simply designed, and will keep food cold for hours. You have found what you are looking for with the Apple & Mint lunch bags. They are a snap to clean (simply wipe down) and they store so much due to their depth.

These beautiful insulated lunch bags come with a separate full length gel ice pack which is kept in it’s own little bag which you place flat into your freezer and take out and put into its own little compartment at the back. We have found this ice pack to still be very cold in the evening after a full day in our love’s school bag.

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What fits in these?

A lot! The lunch bags are a great size and easily fit our products in a varying ways;

These bags are 21cm x 27cm x 10cm (inside dimensions)

A few examples of what fits is below; or

If you want more information on what you might be able to fit in these, please contact us.

Available Designs

  • Flamingo
  • Rabbit
  • Lion
  • Rocket