MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bags

Yes, they are fabulous! MontiiCo Insulated Lunch bags, not only look great with their gorgeous designs and prints, but they also keep your little one’s food cold for hours. With their bold designs and colours, these lunch bags will have your darlings instantly drawn to them.

This little beauty also comes with a full length gel ice pack and is kept in its own little bag which you place flat into your freezer and pop into the lunch bag fully frozen. We have found this ice pack to still be very cold in the evening after a full day in our love’s school bag.

And lucky for you, MontiiCo insulated lunch bags are durable and a cinch to clean.

Check out the description below for more details.

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What fits in these?

A lot! The lunch bags are a great size and easily fit our products in a varying ways;

These bags are 23.5cm x 28cm x 7.5cm (inside dimensions)

A few examples of what fits is below;


If you want more information on what you might be able to fit in these, please contact us.

Other important info

  • Durable fabrics (they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours)
  • Quality aluminum lining. No plastic comes into contact with your lunch..
  • Thick insulation to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer.
  • Easy to wipe clean, for a mess-less life.
  • Self-contained gel ice pack, independently certified “food safe”.
  • Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = No soggy food.
  • Large, flexible design for more room to pack lunch.
  • On trend custom prints.
  • Made to last.

Available Designs

  • Dinosaur
  • Flamingo
  • Llama
  • Unicorn
  • Superhero - Batman!